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Flying Cebu Pacific and GetGo rewards program

GetGo is a spinoff of Ceb Club, a membership-based program, which offers great deals from Cebu Pacific and its partners. Through the years, Ceb Club has accumulated 1.4 million members. “We’ve looked into the numbers and saw that the group is very active. Sixty percent of that particular data base actively purchase or book flights via Cebu Pacific. We want to keep that market, make it bigger and happier by coming up with a new rewards program that offers a compelling value proposition — free flights,” Florendo explained.
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Flying Cebu Pacific? Sign up for GetGo rewards program!

...Who should join GetGo? Anybody who is planning to spend at least PHP2,500 – that’s your break even for the membership fee of PHP150 and you win from then on. As you can also redeem cash & points (which didn’t work online, when I tested it – you have to call), you can use your points as soon as you want. If you fly them regularly, you should absolutely join, there is no downside, only upside. Consider the GetGo program a way to get the low, low fares of Cebu Pacific for even less – and that’s always a good thing!
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How It Works

GetGo - the Lifestyle Rewards Program that gives you free trips just by flying with Cebu Pacific. GetGo gives you points every time you book flights and buy add-ons. The more points you earn, the more places you'll see. Plus, you can also pool points with family and friends to make it fun and easy. This is our way of thanking you because we know that you deserve the best of the world. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

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